Mechanical Testing

Vibration Test Systems


A wide variety of portable and stationary electromagnetic and servo hydraulic test systems are available including vertical shakers, slip tables, inertial shakers as well as controllers and calibration systems.

Product range:

  • Electromagnetic Shaker from 9 N to 245 kN
  • Servo Hydraulic Systems up to 1000 kN
  • Long-stroke Systems up to 100 mm
  • Digital / Analogue Amplifiers
  • Modal Exciter / Modal Thrusters
  • Inertial Shakers
  • Vibration Control Systems; Sine / Random / Shock / Mixed Mode
  • Oil film Slip Table for Horizontal Tests
  • Head Expanders and special fixtures
  • Interfacing with climatic test systems (turn-key packages from a single supplier)

Balancing Technology 

A range of horizontal and vertical balancing machines for a wide range of applications using computer measurement technology.

Product range:

  • Horizontal or Vertical rotor positioning machines
  • Hard and soft-bearing balancing machines
  • Balancing machines for repair and service. Machines for small, medium and large-scale production (Automatic and Semi-automatic), with unbalance correcting facilities such as drilling, milling or welding devices
  • Precision balancing machines for QA and Precision Engineering
  • Special designs; above and below floor installations for balancing as well as concentricity and run-out measurement

Environmental Test Equipment Specialists