Environmental Test Chambers

We supply equipment that can reproduce such environmental conditions and effects as: Temperature; Humidity; Altitude (pressure); Corrosion; Pollution; Sand and Dust; Rainfall and Sunlight in a range of enclosures from small bench top to large walk-in facilities. All types of products and materials can be tested from mobile telephones to military vehicles; packaging to composite structures. We have the expertise to assess test specifications or applications and offer suitable solutions worldwide.

The vast majority of environmental tests and processes can be carried out in one of our standard chambers. However, we also have the answer when something special is required; we are able to reproduce almost any condition found on or around the planet in a test space designed for control and repeatability.

Standard Products

  • Temperature only or Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Choice of temperature ranges: from -100°C to +200°C
  • Electrical heating and mechanical refrigeration cooling
  • Humidity control: 10%RH / 98%RH (dew point limit +2°C)
  • Choice of chamber capacity: up to 1200 litres
  • PID control
  • RS485 communications
  • Range of Factory Fitted Options: viewing window; internal lighting; cable ports etc.

Special Products

  • Bespoke designs for non-standard requirements
  • Temperature, Humidity and Altitude (pressure) control
  • Interfacing with mechanical equipment; shakers, slip tables, rate tables, tensile test machines for combined mechanical and climatic stimulation
  • Chamber capacity from bench-top to walk-in facilities
  • Special chambers for rain, sunlight, corrosion, pollution, sand and dust testing
  • Rapid heating and cooling for thermal stress screening applications

Walk-in Chambers

Sizes range from 2m3 to almost any dimensions required. Chambers can be configured to control temperature (typically -70°C to +150°C) and humidity (20% - 95%RH) and can be fitted with additional apparatus to provide other stimuli such as rainfall and sunlight simulation. Chamber construction and materials used depend on the application; we can supply low-cost insulated panel rooms as well as fully seam welded stainless steel constructions. A range of door options as well as windows, portholes, internal illumination, exhaust extraction and gas or air purge systems are among the range of features available.

Bio Chambers

Specially designed walk-in chambers available in a range of sizes and types for applications such as: Plant Genetics; Cultivated Plant Research; Plant Protection; Plant Biochemistry; Plant Physiology; Resistance Testing; Examining Interactions; Metabolic Testing; Cell Cultures; Growth Research; Phytopathology.

Environmental Test Equipment Specialists