About Proactive Test Solutions

At Proactive Test Solutions Ltd, we provide our customers with the means to improve the reliability and performance of their products. Our many years of working in the environmental test industry, as both users and suppliers, has given us the experience and knowledge to be able to work with clients to significantly enhance the quality of their products.

Environmental testing is used to confirm that a product; material, device, substrate, piece of equipment etc is robust enough to operate in the environment that it was designed to. Examples include extremes of temperature; rapid temperature variations; high and low humidity; high and low pressure; wet, dusty and corrosive environments; solar radiation and also combinations of these environments. We are able to reproduce, in an enclosed, controlled space, almost any condition found on and around our planet with accuracy and repeatability.

We support a wide range of industries including Aerospace; Agriculture & Horticulture; Automotive; Construction; Defence; Electronics; Food & Drink; Oil & Gas; Packaging; Pharmaceuticals; Scientific Research and Telecommunications. We supply test chambers for product validation or compliance, thermal stress screening, accelerated ageing and accelerated life testing. We also provide advice and consultancy, calibration and repair of any make and type of test chamber, refurbishments and upgrades to existing equipment and supply of good quality pre-owned equipment for sale or rental.

Our standard test chambers can meet the requirements of more than 90% of environmental tests and processes currently being carried out by industry. Our expertise and experience means that we can also design and build bespoke equipment for more specialist requirements.

Our world revolves around environmental testing. If you have a relevant question or a comment, need some advice or just need to be pointed in the right direction, give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will endeavour to help.

Environmental Test Equipment Specialists